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Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday with 150 groups, companies and individuals who helped build BC with BC’s natural resources

150BC.com is a digital celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, showcasing 150 groups, companies and individuals who helped build British Columbia in the past and in 2017 hold the key to its future success.

Vignettes, prepared by our team of professional writers, will tell stories that people can relate to. We’ll showcase the resource-linked pursuits which, across the land and waters of British Columbia, have for generations brought prosperity to Canada’s western-most province. Your vignette will be linked back to your organizations’s website (or alternative destination determined by you), enabling a new audience to be educated about what you do in your community.

We’re talking about forestry, mining, energy in all its forms; the infrastructure that moves resource commodities to users and the ports and terminals where our valuable goods are smoothly shifted from one mode of transportation to another. And we’re not overlooking the incredibly diverse supply chain of goods and services, ranging from health care and education to manufacturing and professional services.

The themes explored through this project will reach many, many British Columbia residents during the sesquicentennial year. Into the future, our stories will continue to educate residents because 150BC.com will remain online as a digital resource until 2020. We’ll also be linking 150BC.com to various resource-related websites, including resourceworks.com. And we’ll be employing social media channels and linking 150th content created by others..

“Natural resources remain the economic foundation of the British Columbia economy,” said Stewart Muir, executive director of the Resource Works Society. “This 150th anniversary is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the good things about Canada. Too often citizens do not hear about all the benefits that come from the natural resource economy. This year, we’ve got the chance to make a difference."

“Resources aren’t just about exports and jobs,” said Resource Works director of social responsibility Barinder Rasode. "They spur innovation and allow our cities to be thriving, appealing places to live and raise families because of the great opportunities to get ahead that come from resources."
This grassroots project is developed and sustained by a team led by Fabian Dawson, an internationally-acclaimed, award winning journalist, filmmaker and author who until recently was the deputy-editor in chief of The Province/Vancouver Sun.

150BC.com is a project of the Resource Works Society, an independent society open to participation by British Columbians from all walks of life who are concerned about their future economic opportunities.

Those selected will be asked to make a one-time contribution of $1000 for this project that will be used to pay the writers and maintain the website.

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