audiences-2.pngCalling all practical green futurists 

Our primary target audience is the urban British Columbia public generally, with a particular focus on promising groups that our research tells us want to form their own opinions and are hungry for solid information.

One such group we term the “practical green futurist” – those who are willing to believe that economic and environmental balance is possible, but need constant reassurances. 

Political messages seem increasingly targeted at those with idealized views of the future. One hallmark of this trend is the widespread willingness to accept uninformed statements about our dependence on energy, forest products and minerals. When those statements are heard from seemingly knowledgeable sources, and are embraced by prime ministers, premiers, and municipal officers, we have a big problem.

Here's why there is reason for hope: 84% of British Columbia agree that ‘It's possible to create green jobs and grow the green economy within BC's natural resource sector’. (Check out this exclusive survey conducted for us by Ipsos.

It's not necessary (or feasible) to change everyone's mind. Through activating audiences that politicians are also listening to, change IS possible.

A Nanos poll released in October 2017 found half of Canadians found they believe Canada does a poor or very poor job in building public confidence in energy decision-making. This needs to change!


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