2.pngJust look at some of the issues piling up in the coming year:

  • Natural Gas: The BC Environment Minister will conduct a review of hydraulic fracturing; the City of Vancouver is trying to ban natural gas; LNG proposals are being challenged by all manner of shape-shifting ENGO actions; BC’s municipal leaders narrowly voted down North Saanich’s recent UBCM motion trying to ban fracking.

  • Forestry: Too many issues to list them all here, but when even the BC Chamber of Commerce membership votes to ban old-growth logging there can be no doubt that even such a renewable “green” industry faces big challenges.

  • Pipelines: Until the day that responsibly produced Canadian crude oil is flowing through the expanded TransMountain pipeline, we can’t give up fighting for this crucial piece of nation-building infrastructure.

  • Mining: Leonardo di Caprio is now funding an Alaskan campaign to stop mining in Canadian territory, just like he did with the Canadian oil sands. That’s just one example of a challenge mining is facing, and the industry needs our kind of support.

  • Climate: Policy uncertainty persists on national carbon pricing and the protection of trade-exposed industries.

  • Aquaculture: Salmon farming is the target of renewed campaigns to get it banned.

  • Anti-industry legislation: Whether through water or climate legislation or various levers to set aside land from development, resource industries are being constantly challenged by a bewildering array of activist campaigns. Generalized strategies like this are especially damaging because they may not seem to pose a threat to any one specific company, yet when they succeed an entire industry can be stalled.

We simply can't afford to quit now

With all of those challenges, now is not the time for Resource Works to go silent. 

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