3.pngResource Works is becoming the go-to source for balanced information and perspectives on resource matters.

With all the challenges faced, this could not have happened at a better time.

For 2018, we ask for your continued financial support to:

  • hold a minimum of one signature event that will give your team the chance to meet influential voices on resource issues;
  • engage directly with the new provincial government in Victoria;
  • stay nimble so we can compete at the breakneck speed of social media;
  • inform the public about the nuances of “energy transition”;
  • reach global investors to tell them that it is not all gloom and doom in Canada;
  • Spread word that First Nations as well as many other communities welcome investment;
  • fund needed research;
  • continue getting the word out through media and events;
  • prepare municipal candidates in advance of the 2018 civic elections;
  • publish well-reasoned opinion pieces in media such as this one in Vancouver Sun;
  • remain accountable via our Board of Directors, and connected to communities via our Advisory Council;
  • make sure our community supporters have information and perspectives at their fingertips.

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