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He is, by profession, a registered professional chemist and a registered professional biologist with an interdisciplinary PhD in chemistry and environmental studies. He’s also a dad, a soccer coach (and a basketball and baseball coach), a science-fiction fan, and a regular blogger known to us and an ever-growing audience as “A Chemist in Langley.”

post-image.jpgHe is Blair King, who almost personifies our Resource Works’ commitment to balanced debate on responsible development of our natural resources. He’s well worth following on his blog site, and on Twitter (@BlairKing_ca).

Blair can get very deep into science and analysis, as he did in a recent blog challenging a young scientist’s findings on the prevalence of those warm Chinook winds in Alberta. (This followed actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s thoroughly un-scientific attempt to link Chinooks to global warming.)

Blair’s finding on the young scientist’s work: “This analysis provides an excellent example of how a data analysis can look really good on paper but can subsequently risk coming to conclusions unsupported by the data used in the analysis.”

Blair can also hit public-interest nails on the head with great accuracy, balance and a scientist’s judgment. Example: “If we are going to meet our Paris Agreement targets we will need a LOT more electricity.” That blog is posted here.

Some other recent writings:

“Cap and Trade: a well-intentioned system that can hurt the virtuous”

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