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In this era of publicly accessible information, the world is at everyone’s fingertips. However, it is often the case that the first search results you find online are news articles – sometimes written without knowledge of, or access to, the most recent and relevant facts


Both the B.C. and Canadian governments publish a wellspring of information every year, so there is no shortage of facts. The hard part is finding exactly where in that labyrinth of data is the answer to specific questions.

Below is just a small sample of the kind of information that is collected by the government and then made available for public viewing. As the government departments continue to convert their lengthy paper databases into virtual ones, we will continue to sift through that information to bring relevant facts to broader attention.

Areas we feel are of interest include: sector profitability, employment levels, capital investment, planned expansion or discontinuation of projects, environmental protection, environmental violations, resource depletion and renewability.

We at Resource Works strive to collect that information and make it easier for you to find and access so that everyone in this province can be better informed about the benefits and risks of natural resource extraction.

The following list consists of links to specific databases, applications, and reports published or provided by either the provincial or federal government. We are sharing it because our mandate is to aid the public, other organizations and the news media in finding the facts about the natural resource economy in BC.

Nathan Hawkins was a research intern at Resource Works and is currently enrolled in studies at McGill University


Multi-use data sets

BC Web Map Library

BC Web Map Library is a resource with several pre-built maps related to assorted variables. These pre-built maps can be layered on top of each other to create a map tracking multiple variables. Variables covered include administrative boundaries, water resources, forests, geology and soils, land ownership, land-use plans, mining and petroleum, physical infrastructure, waste, and more.

Cross-linked Information Resources

Cross-linked Information Resources is a conglomerated search engine to search various environmental and resource data libraries, with information principally provided by B.C.’s ministries.


HectaresBC is a mapping application allowing you to layer multiple variables of interest on top of each other. For example, you could make a map which shows forest biomass density, forest fire regions, Regional Districts, pest models, climate, etc.

iMap BC 

A comprehensive geological data-presentation tool that can display mapping information on a wide range of topics, including environmental data, water systems, land use, natural resource projects and much more.



BC Water Resources Atlas

BC Water Resources Atlas is a mapping application mapping things like aquifers, dams, drinking water systems, floodplains, surface water quantity, water quality, watersheds, wells, pollution, and more. May be useful in concert with issues such as tailing ponds from mining.


Environmental protection

Environmental Violations Database

Environmental Violations Database, a search engine that allows you to search for violating companies by name, location, enforcement action, act, and by year and fiscal quarter.

Project Information Centre

Project Information Centre is a search engine focusing on development of energy sources, mining, tourism, transportation, and waste management, as well as their associated environmental impact. Many environmental assessments included here.



Industry Canada – Mining and quarrying

Main website for Industry Canada’s mining and quarrying statistics.

Industry Canada – Metal ore mining

Main website for Industry Canada’s metal ore-mining statistics.

Industry Canada – Non-mineral mining and quarrying

Main website for Industry Canada’s non-mineral mining and quarrying statistics.

Mineral Assessment Reports (ARIS)

ARIS is a database of reports dating back to 1947. The reports detail geological, geophysical, geochemical, drilling and other exploration-related activities across B.C.

MINFILE Mineral Occurrences

MINFILE Mineral Occurrences is a search engine focused on mineral, metal, and coal deposits in B.C. and their profitability.



Forest Area Harvested by Silviculture Systems

Forest Area Harvested by Silviculture Systems is a data resource on the growth and harvesting of trees planted specifically to meet purposes such as biodiversity purposes or wildlife habitat.

Industry Canada – Forestry statistics

Main website for Industry Canada’s logging and forestry statistics, including numbers for total companies in the sector, financial performance, wages, and net trade.


Oil and gas

Industry Canada – Oil and gas extraction

Main website for Industry Canada’s oil and gas extraction statistics.

Industry Canada – Support activities for mining and oil-and-gas extraction

Main website for Industry Canada’s mining and oil-and-gas extraction statistics.

Petroleum Titles Online

Petroleum Titles Online, a mapping application which identified the boundaries of the various petroleum titles held in B.C.


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