JOIN THE FIGHT: Help us stop resource censorship today

Anti-resource voices are working hard to censor voices of responsible resource development and it is an OUTRAGE. Your help is needed today

censored.jpgThanks to the dedication of our loyal supporters, Resource Works continues to rack up impressive results.

But we have hit trouble in chasing our goal is to build a movement in support of responsible resource development and the irreplaceable benefits this creates for British Columbians.

In getting the message out we are facing serious headwinds and without your direct support today we cannot possibly achieve all that needs to be done.

In this way, we hope to remind decision-makers that the silent majority that supports the resource economy is getting awfully tired of decisions that run against common sense and long-term economic security.

Recently, our proposal for a panel on responsible resource development dialogue was rejected by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. It seems that some decision makers there are afraid of our messages and do not wish to engage in conversation.

Later this month, the UBCM gathering of local government leaders will face an unprecedented barrage of motions that are directly hostile to responsible resource stewardship, and therefore the continuation of a strong British Columbia economy. 

Are you ready to sit back as voices like ours are shut out, silenced by a vocal 15-20% of the population that does not speak for the 74% who believe in resources for BC?

Or are you ready to join me on the front lines or getting our message out that Canada is a resource nation and without resource jobs our days of prosperity are numbered?

It's your call. I need $5,000 by this Friday to ensure that when the UBCM convention comes around, we are able to equip our volunteer team to have the conversation with local leaders that the anti-resource elites are trying to censor. Your donation of $20 will make a difference by letting us give out 500 "Without Natural Resources We'd Be Naked" t-shirts to B.C. mayors and councillors.





On Facebook, we finished up August at 6,373 likes, up from 5,215 at the end of July.

We recorded 1,626 clickthroughs (people clicking on the link in our posting) in August.

Our most-shared and most-clicked items were these:

  • Transporting oil and gas by rail in Canada is 4.5 times more risky for rail than for pipelines: Fraser Institute report. 52 shares and 280 clickthroughs.
  • Scenic Sunday: the grounds of the Brucejack Mine in northwest BC, approved earlier this year: 18 shares and 176 clicks.
  • More than just the garden-variety NIMBY: acronyms for anti-development groups: 12 shares and 126 clicks.
  • Throwback Thursday: Britannia Beach mining in 1925, now the terrific Britannia Mine Museum: 16 shares and 116 clickthroughs.

On Twitter, we finished up August with 4,808 followers, up by 30 from 4,778 at the beginning of the month.

Our Klout score at August 31 was 60, down from 61 at the end of July. We have no explanation for this, as our activity has remained steady.

Total number of RW tweets posted by Don MacLachlan in August: 561, an average of over 19 a day for 27 days. 

Our most popular tweets in August:

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