Tell Minister McKenna to approve the Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal!

On February 10th, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) released a draft report for the Pacific Northwest LNG terminal. 

The report was clear: "the Agency concludes that the Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects taking into account the implementation of the key mitigation measures." 

It's time for Canada's leaders to act.

First Nations and grassroots activists keep saying YES to this proposal, and it is time for the government in Ottawa to show it is listening.


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 We have until March 11 to provide public comment on the project. On that date, we will be sending THIS LETTER to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna in Ottawa.


It is up to Minister McKenna to approve or reject the LNG terminal. 

Join us in showing Minister McKenna your concern for the economy and the environment, First Nations, and the climate impacts of this project!

Let’s make it impossible to reject a project that Federal Scientists say is acceptable and that will create a long legacy of prosperity.

Let’s convince Minister McKenna to approve the Pacific NorthWest LNG project. Tell her:
  • to respect the demands by First Nations for pathways out of poverty
  • to help developing nations adopt Natural Gas as a cleaner form of energy, saving millions of lives annually
  • to create responsible revenue sources so that Canada can continue to be a global beacon of peace, prosperity and good government

Taking action

  • BrianneZwambag.jpgRead the letter from this north west BC worker (pictured) reflecting on the pride she takes in applying world-leading regulations for natural gas extraction.  
  • Appreciate how these citizens are standing up for their right to jobs and prosperity in Canada through responsible use of clean natural gas.
  • Take a look at these heartfelt pleas from residents of North West BC for a project that will inject prosperity into an area that has struggled for years to build its local sustainability.  
  • Get information about the transparent and responsible approaches taken today to Natural Gas development.  
  • Gas-fired power plants emit substantially less CO2  than the coal conversion technologies that now dominate energy production. Canada needs to show its compassion for the planet is genuine by getting its Natural Gas to global markets. 


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