It's time to build Canada for our children

Recent events prove that when resource investment is driven away from Canada, governments will have no choice but to raise taxes to get the funds they need. 

Billions of dollars in infrastructure investment is diverting to other jurisdictions. Many attribute this failure to our growing reputation as a country that cannot make timely decisions.

In the struggle to provide for our children and grandchildren, is it possible for citizens to regain their power?


 Things we can do:

  • Encourage political candidates who understand that Canada is a world leader today in balancing the economy and the environment, and are committed to "getting to yes" on projects.
  • Challenge misinformation when we see it.
  • Share reputable, research-based information with others.

Here are some recent articles describing the nature of the challenge:

Resource Works is a project to build awareness about the importance of resource development to ordinary Canadians, and increasingly we are winning the support of individuals who want to do something to make a difference. One thing to consider is a monthly donation that will let us continue our research and communication. Even $5 a month will make a difference by allowing us to:

  • Research and analyze topics of the day.
  • Hire writers and designers.
  • Expose more Canadians to our work.
  • Help elected officials understand why resources matter.
  • Be available for public speaking and news media commentary.

Losing out on billions in resource investment is costing us some of the most rewarding jobs in the economy. And it's making it harder and harder for governments to resist reaching deeper into taxpayer pockets to find the money needed for their operations. Let's work together on changing this.

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