Help build a campaign: Support Race for Resources on June 25

We need to your help to protect prosperity in British Columbia. Buy a ticket for Race for Resources, or sponsor a race. Failing to act means placing our responsible, prosperous future at risk. 

post-image.jpgSometimes you have to take a stand.

Many of us understand that Canada's hard-won reputation for being the best at natural resources is a fundamental part of our success as a nation.

In British Columbia, like never before we are seeing anti-resource campaigns relentlessly spread messages that denigrate resource workers and the excellent job they do every day.

We are seeing slick promotions telling Canadians that their institutions have it wrong and their leaders should not pursue job creation that provides for the material needs of citizens.

As a result, investment is being driven from Canada to places that do not respect the land, water, air or climate like we do.

First Nations demanding jobs and economic autonomy are being told by patronizing eco-lobbyists that no, poverty is their only choice.

Standing together is the only option we have to protect jobs and prosperity.

Race for Resources is a way for anyone to show solidarity in the vital mission.

June 25 is a day to those who have looked on approvingly at the Resource Works mission and say: "Sure, I'll do my part to help this independent little group, because they are doing what nobody else has done, and that is truly worth supporting."

Race for Resources is a day to raise money so Resource Works can invest in winning campaigns to reach residents with our messages.

And boy, does it matter.

In the months ahead, crucial decisions will be made that will determine whether British Columbia can remain a prosperous resource province with environmental protections that are second to none.

By supporting Race for Resources, you are also supporting affordability that comes from the economy's highest-paying jobs and essential export income. 

Sure, we could sit on our hands right now. But doing nothing has consequences. By taking no action, we will empower those pushing fear-based messages that denigrate Canadian resource professionals and institutions – the best in the world. 

Misinformation and emotion are powerful forces that others have harnessed effectively.

We hold ourselves to principles that require deep commitment to strongly held beliefs.

As professionals, we'll be taking a positive, respectful and fact-based approach to getting the word out.

This is not easy to do when others do not stick to the facts, but in two years Resource Works has been learning a lot about how to be effective in challenging conditions. 

By supporting Race for Resources, you'll support the next wave of Resource Works campaigns.

Without your help, we will lose the voice supporting responsible resource development and the prosperity that it creates. This will have deep consequences for Canadian prosperity. It's our job to share our information in ways that make an impact on the most important decisions of 2016 and 2017. 

(And, by the way, Race for Resources will also be a fun and sociable occasion amid the breathtaking setting of Hastings Racetrack.)


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