Trudeau government begins to reveal its clean energy strategy

Natural resources not only account for one-fifth of the economy, they also produce the majority of greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of being seen as part of the problem, resource people must be (and be seen to be) the solution provider. 

A commonly understood definition of "clean technology" does not exist at present. Ottawa has launched a new project focused on solving this deficit, starting with asking the public for ideas.

If you support your family in the sprawling resources value chain, or are simply among those who recognize the profound importance of responsibly done natural resources, you owe it to yourself to get involved via this web page. Policy is made by those who show up, and if we don't show up then Canada could be taken in directions that threaten not just the economy but our ability to ensure sound environmental management and leadership in future.

A discussion paper just released points to the need to reach "economic and environmental outcomes for the natural resource sectors in Canada through innovation and use of clean technology."

Given the heavy reliance of the Canadian economy on traditional activities in forestry, mining and energy, it is not difficult to see why policy makers have moved this topic up the agenda, starting with the discussion paper.

This is smart thinking. For it to be successfully, those with skin in the game need to take part.


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