When liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada is placed in its global context, the significance of it as an opportunity for green objectives is made clear.
  1. In the United States alone, more than 40 coal plants each produced emissions in excess of Canada’s largest coal plant, which is located in Alberta. 
  2. Globally, the picture is even more extreme. The world’s largest coal plant, located is China, is not only nearly four times as large as the entire GHG emission of the projected Pacific North West LNG project in British Columbia: all by itself, it alone exceeds the entire CO2 emissions of the Canadian oil sands.
  3. Greenhouse gases do not respect borders. Canadian leaders need to embrace a global vision for climate change if they are to have any hope of effecting change. 
  4. LNG emissions are predominantly created when natural gas is combusted to create electricity. This type of electricity is creates vastly less CO2 emissions than electricity created by burning coal, even when you consider cutting-edge methods of doing so.
  5. When the full life cycle of LNG is considered, there is no question that responsible politicians must make the right choice.

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