Which natural runners do you like best?

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The Resource Works Natural Runner team has now turned out at two successive Sun Runs in Vancouver. Now we'd like to find out which year was the crowd favourite.



In both cases, the message was identical: Without Natural Resources, We'd Be Naked. In both cases, we received lots of media attention and interest from other participants in the Vancouver Sun Run running event that takes place every April.

Which was your favourite? Vote below!

And maybe you have ideas on how we can build up this important program that reaches thousands of British Columbians and visitors with positive messages about our authentic need for responsible approaches to use of our natural resources. For 2016, is there anything we can do better? Do you have ideas about other events that the Natural Runners would be a fit for? Maybe you know of a group that would like to volunteer to help with the staging and support, or even join in the "natural" run itself. Write us at [email protected] to let us know what your thoughts are, or comment in the poll results.

By succeeding with the Natural Runners, we've managed to help show that resource people have a sense of humour too. If it means a colourful stunt or two, hey - we're happy to do what it takes to get the word out! (Just as long as the temperature stays above zero...)

Which was your favourite?

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