Let's get behind the B.C. Thanksgiving Food Drive

Resource families are among the hardest hit by British Columbia's summer of wildfires. As we leave the summer season, they're going to need all the help they can get. Please join us supporting the Thanksgiving Food Drive, an annual event that takes place each September



Resource people are resilient

Resource communities have a long record of uniting with kindness and generosity in times of need.  

Nowadays, more British Columbians no matter where they live recognizing that we are all part of resource communities. 

Because of the wildfires this summer, our resource communities need help more than ever, and there is a great opportunity this week to make a difference. The BC Thanksgiving Food Drive began in 2009 and has now expanded province wide to assist dozens of community food banks serving over 50 cities and many thousands of needy individuals and families throughout British Columbia. In 2016, over 475,000 pounds of food was collected by more than 5,000 volunteers (valued at approx. $1,100,000) and was sorted and delivered to community food banks.  

Many resource families need more than just food. Homes, too, have been destroyed. At least this is a start. This year’s drive takes place on Saturday, Sept 16. Organizers anticipate more volunteer participants from dozens of partnering businesses, churches and volunteer organizations who will visit some 250,000 addresses across the province. Local supermarkets are providing bags.

How to get involved 

A simple way natural resource people can help is to use their communications channels in social media to get the word out. Try the Twitter hashtag #bctfooddrive as a way to connect with others who are making an effort in local areas. 

Here's a tip sheet from the organizers that explains the mechanics of this worthy initiative. 

Let's pull together to make a difference!

For more information contact the organizers at [email protected].

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