Forestry infographics

With so many British Columbians joining the conversation, there's never been a better time to share the facts on forestry in BC.

View, download, and share our factsheets here.

British Columbians are looking for answers on forestry. Unfortunately, much of the accessible information online is based on half-truths and pseudo-studies.

More than ever, British Columbians need fact-based information that can be understood by those who may not have a background in forestry or conservation. That's why Resource Works has created downloadable, sharable factsheets on forestry in BC that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

The fact is, BC forestry has made tremendous progress over the last decades. BC forestry sets an example of conservation, sustainability, and supporting local communities and our province as a whole.

Note that as of June 9th 2021, logging in the Fairy Creek and Walbran areas will be deferred for two years upon the request of the local First Nations as they build additional resource stewardship plans for their lands.

See our factsheets here.

Statistics from our factsheets come from our Resource Works report, Forestry in BC: Setting the Record Straight or from our forestry blog.

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