How natural resources are spinning high-tech and clean-tech jobs

British Columbia's highest productivity, highest paying jobs are in natural resources. But did you know resources are creating a stunning level of high-tech and clean tech jobs? Meet some of the companies driving this renaissance.

post-image.jpgFor the past three years, Resource Works has been exploring the ways in which natural resources contribute to British Columbia quality of life.

We discovered that in the past, the resource sector hasn't always been as good as it could have been at protecting the environment.

We've also seen how dramatic improvements have been made that make BC a world leader not just in producing valuable export commodities, but in sending our brainpower abroad to help others be as green as we are. And we've seen that the economic impact of resources is truly impressive, many would say indispensable, not just to society generally but to First Nations as well.

The Naturally Resourceful series is looking at the companies who are part of this innovation story and we encourage you to read and share these articles:

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