Pioneering Partnerships: The Indigenous Partnership Success Showcase Celebrates Five Years of Reconciliation in Action with June 5-6 event

Be part of IPSS this June as we mark five years of showcasing reconciliation in action at the Vancouver Convention Centre.



In the heart of Vancouver, the Indigenous Partnership Success Showcase (IPSS) will mark its fifth anniversary at the Convention Centre West. This event, designed to be a crossroads of innovative partnerships and Reconciliation, stands as a testament to the evolving relationship between Indigenous communities and the broader Canadian business landscape.

Five years ago, the enactment of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) in British Columbia set a new course for Indigenous rights and partnerships. It is against this backdrop that IPSS emerged, driven by the vision of creating a platform for showcasing the successes of Indigenous partnerships in the realm of business. The event has since flourished, underpinned by the leadership of figures such as Chief Ian Campbell, a hereditary chief of the Squamish First Nation, highlighting the event's deep roots in Indigenous leadership and perspective.

The theme for 2024, "Reconciliation in Action," couldn't be more apt. It reflects a journey from the acknowledgment of past injustices to the active building of a future where Indigenous communities are integral to Canada's economic fabric. This event is not just a conference but an 'un-business conference,' where traditional and modern ways of building relationships converge, offering a fresh perspective on partnership and success.

The inception of IPSS was inspired by a realization that the most innovative Canadian business practices were often hidden away from urban eyes, thriving instead in the resource-rich rural landscapes. Here, amid significant infrastructure investments, new business models emerged, fostering creativity and collaboration between industries, finance sectors, and First Nations. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action, particularly number 92, challenged corporate Canada to become agents of change, emphasizing the economic empowerment of Indigenous peoples as a national imperative.

What began in rural Canada has become a driver of urban change too. Over the years, the IPSS stage chronicled a remarkable evolution in the economy's structure, moving from traditional benefit agreements to more equitable partnerships where Indigenous communities hold significant equity. This shift signifies a departure from the paternalistic approaches of the past, embodying a true spirit of partnership and shared prosperity.

The showcase has also spotlighted groundbreaking trends, such as the role of First Nations rights holders in Vancouver's property development scene, illustrating the vast potential of Indigenous-led initiatives. The success stories shared on the IPSS stage are not just narratives of economic gain but lessons in the importance of respecting traditional knowledge and fostering sustainable, respectful relationships with both people and the planet.

Perhaps most telling of the impact of IPSS is the unexpected revelation that attendees facilitated $2 billion worth of deals during last year's event. This figure, while not the primary aim of the showcase, underscores the tremendous potential for collaboration and mutual benefit when communities come together to learn, share, and build connections.

As the only event of its kind in Western Canada, IPSS holds a unique position in bridging the worlds of Indigenous rights and business innovation in ways that impact broader public discourse. 

This year's lineup promises to inspire, with stories of resilience, entrepreneurship, and groundbreaking partnerships unified by the theme of reconciliation in action.

For those interested in being part of a transformative movement, where learning and community building pave the way for real economic and social change, the Indigenous Partnership Success Showcase is an unparallelled opportunity. It is open to all, with passes available for both the daytime forums and the evening banquet event.

This year, we invite you to join us in celebrating five years of progress, partnership, and the ongoing journey of reconciliation in action. 

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Stewart Muir is the Founder and CEO of the Resource Works Society.


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