Is Resource Works committed to transparency?


Resource Works is committed to transparency. At our launch news conference in April 2014, Resource Works publicly acknowledged the financial support of the Business Council of British Columbia and thanked the organization for this support. Without it, the fresh new perspective that Resource Works has created through its independent work would not be possible.

Resource Works publishes the names of its Board and Advisory Council members and is in compliance with the requirements of its British Columbia society status.

In its first year, Resource Works sought to build a portfolio of activities through its research, communications and consultation. We plan to continue to enhance our capacity to do this work and be transparent in how we conduct it. 

Shortly before launching Resource Works, we sent a delegation to Victoria to meet with MLAs and ensure that they were aware of our intentions. We met with both the Government and the Opposition caucuses and in both cases received an enthusiastic welcome. Executive director Stewart Muir gave an account of the project plans and introduced the CEO of the Business Council of BC, Greg D'Avignon, to ensure all were aware that Resource Works had secured the support of a broadly recognized voice of business.

Government caucus

Resource_Works_20.jpgStewart Muir in conversation with BC Liberal MLAs Linda Reimer and Mike Bernier at government caucus presentation.

Opposition caucus


Greg D'Avignon with John Horgan at the BC NDP caucus presentation. Mr. Horgan later became leader of his party and premier of BC.