How Whispering Pines came to support the Trans Mountain pipeline

Chief Mike LeBourdais of the Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band relates the conversation he had with the CEO of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion project, Ian Anderson.

It led to a breakthrough initiative to create an economic and environmental pact for the undertaking. Says Chief LeBourdais: "If the project doesn't happen, the benefits don't flow." 

This interview was conducted by Stewart Muir of Resource Works, July 2018, for the Homeland Journey project. Homeland Journey is a video series that shares the stories of rural First Nations in western Canada and how they are brokering the terms of social success and economic stewardship.

Although a majority of First Nations on the route of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion favour the project, these rural nations tend to be overlooked by news media who are short of the time and resources that would enable them to travel outside of Metro Vancouver.


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