8 LNG plants that are safely located right beside large urban populations

An excerpt from the Citizen's Guide to LNG – the first attempt to describe the economic, environmental and social aspects of liquefied natural gas in British Columbia

From the Citizen's Guide to LNG in BC 

Resource Works considered the locations of major LNG terminals.  It turns out there are numerous global examples of LNG terminals near population centres. Local authorities in all cases have enabled these industrial facilities to be set up so they could serve population needs without introducing unmanageable safety concerns.

  1. FortisBC Tilbury LNG Plant: Numerous homes, churches, government facilities, recreational attractions and workplaces are located a short distance away from this longstanding facility in Metro Vancouver.
  2. Barcelona LNG, Spain: Within a 7km radius of the terminal are a vast number of tourist facilities, residences, schools, hospitals, the 20th busiest airport in the world, and essential services for a city of 1.6 million. The terminal is located in a busy port that is visited by 7,727 vessels a year.
  3. LNG Plant, Stavanger, Norway: A residential neighbourhood is located less than 1km away.
  4. Everett LNG Terminal, Boston, US: The Everett terminal is located less than 4km from Harvard University and the downtown Boston location of some of America’s most treasured tourism destinations and architectural landmarks. Logan International Airport is within a 7km radius; it is the 18th busiest airport in the US.
  5. Higashi-Ohgishima LNG, Tokyo: A familiar story – hospitals, schools, homes and recreational facilities are located well within a 7km radius.
  6. Futtsu LNG Terminal, Tokyo Bay, Japan
  7. Snøhvit LNG Plant, Norway: 1km to residential Hammerfest.
  8. Zeebrugge LNG Terminal, Belgium

It is clear that authorities around the world have, time after time, applied the decision-making processes in effect in their jurisdictions and satisfied themselves that LNG terminals represent a safe and acceptable urban activity. 

Pictured: Barcelona harbour, with LNG facility in view.

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