Bringing our messages home to the city: a new milestone for Resource Works mission

We often hear it lamented that resources make city life possible, yet urban dwellers are noticeably detached from the realities of their material existence. 

(As shown by this recent video we posted on Facebook.)

For the past two years, our executive director, Stewart Muir, has been doing his part to fill this gap via his weekly commentaries on Spice Radio in Vancouver with host Shushma Datt.

And now, on Vancouver's Roundhouse Radio, Stewart is going to be a regular weekly guest addressing the role of resources in the economy. Roundhouse 98.3FM is a Vancouver radio station with a community focus, delivering local content, engaging storytelling and intelligent discussion.

On May 30, Stewart had the chance to debut on Roundhouse,  with an introduction to the Resource Works mission for listeners to the Business in Vancouver (BIV) show hosted by Tyler Orton and Romila Barryman.

As ever, Stewart delivered full value with his informed yet accessible style. Here’s the audio recording, in which Stewart comes on at the 8m:44s mark.)

Next, on June 7, Stewart will be on Roundhouse Radio with guests including Ken Peacock, chief economist and vice-president of the Business Council of BC, to delve deeper into the issues.

Stay tuned for future topics and links.

The Spice Radio appearances each Thursday at 8:15 am Pacific will continue.

What this means is that natural resources, which are the foundational yet unglamorous base of Canadian prosperity, are returning to their rightful place in the public conversation.

With generationally significant resource decisions looming, resulting in complex pressures on deciders, Stewart's advancement of the resource-positive agenda could not come along at a better time.

Unfortunately, if we do not see your support for this vital work, our project must soon cease to exist. Resource Works has a non-profit business and without donations from supporters we cannot continue.

The Race for Resources on June 25 is an event we have created to let our supporters show that they also believe resources matter. Please follow this link to pur

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