5 things you need to know

5 things you didn't know about the BC Resource sector


  1. 233% Growth in the BC mining & oil-and-gas industries from 2002-2013

  2. BC’s resource commodity exports would fund BC’s entire healthcare system for 239 days

  3. BC’s natural resource royalties grew by 20% in 2013 – the most of any revenue source

  4. Since 2004 , known gas reserves have grown by 192%

  5. Diversified trade? BC’s natural resource exports to China have grown 30% between 2010-2013

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  • According to BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong, construction on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project could begin as early as September. Estimates show that for the plant alone there would be an investment of approximately $11 billion  and up to $1.3 billion annually in royalties to federal, provincial, and municipal governments.
  • Our top tweet for the week? This story about the rare earth elements required to keep up with our demand for renewable energy. For example, did you know  A single large wind turbine typically contains around 600 kilograms of rare earths?
  • Check out the #PipelinesExposed Q&A done by Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • Check out this story about the new made-in-BC technology that is changing the face of the mining sector.


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