Support LNG jobs in BC? Sign our petition

Resource Works now has launched a pro-LNG petition on which we’ll gather signatures of people like you: the legitimate voice of working BC.

Support LNG jobs in BC? Sign here.

We're so-o-o-o close to launching an LNG industry in BC that can create and support 100,000 jobs for British Columbians and their families.

And can give three levels of government new royalties and taxes to pay for services such as health, education, and local services. The BC government alone looks for $9 billion from this one project.

LNG proponents have already spent tens of millions of dollars in BC, and there are tens of billions to come.

Looking around some days, you might wonder why a minority that is against LNG is getting a lot of attention in the news media, when most people want jobs and investment.

Resource Works now has launched a pro-LNG petition on which we’ll gather signatures of people like you: the legitimate voice of working BC.

We’ll deliver that petition to the BC government later in the year.

Join us in telling government that “B.C. Needs LNG!” 



The BC legislature reconvenes on Monday (July 13) to debate and vote on the Project Development Agreement (PDA) with Pacific NorthWest LNG. That’s the partnership led by Petronas that plans to build an LNG facility on Lelu Island, Prince Rupert.

We thus have a fine opportunity over the next few days to let our MLAs know where we stand—in favour of responsible LNG development and in favour of the Petronas project.

Here’s where to find contact information for your MLA.

All it takes is a quick e-mail to your MLA supporting LNG development as a huge opportunity for BC, for employment, for families, and for First Nations.


Earlier this week, the BC government made public its project development agreement with Pacific NorthWest LNG.

Government news release

Finance Minister Michael de Jong noted: “At approximately US$36 billion at total build-out and operation, this project represents the largest capital investment in the province’s history.”

And David Keane, president of the BC LNG Alliance, said such PDAs “will help ensure that BC’s nascent LNG industry can compete globally over the long term and will provide thousands of jobs for British Columbians for generations to come.”

Finance Minister audio

Minister’s slide-deck

The full agreement (140 pages)

The government’s news release also contains two “backgrounders”—one a timeline of LNG in BC and the other a list of “major accomplishments to date”. And the release includes three factsheets on LNG in BC. All those documents are here.


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