Not just an export story: How LNG is becoming a clean alternative for domestic fuel users

Recently, Resource Works caught up with Blaire Lancaster of Ferus who explained why the company is planning a liquefied natural gas plant to serve mining and transportation uses within Canada.

We sometimes hear that energy transition mean we must abandon tried-and-true solutions for ones that have yet to be proven cost effective or reliable. LNG is proof that we needn't ignore proven solutions, like natural gas, especially for uses like transportation. 

Ferus is in the early stages of developing a merchant LNG facility in British Columbia to supply natural gas for mining companies in Yukon and the Northwest Territories to replace diesel they use for operations and for power generation. (A merchant LNG facility is a small-scale plant that is typically not owned by a utility.) Calgary-based Ferus has not yet started the regulatory process to build the facility, but the first phase is targeted for start up in 2020. The second phase is due for commission in 2022.

We caught up with Blaire in Taylor, British Columbia at a meeting of the North East BC Resource Municipalities Coalition. Here are three videos where she describes the project.


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