"NOT AFRAID" - Getting comfortable with our natural resource future

In January 2016, one of Canada's most nuanced thinkers on natural resource issues will again partner with Resource Works for a public speaking event in Vancouver: Brian Lee Crowley of Ottawa's Macdonald-Laurier Institute

One of the most memorable phrases from this captivating presenter's remarks in 2015 was this: "Not afraid." 

Not afraid means being willing to speak up for what is right for society as a whole - even if it means attracting the ire of those who are unwilling to respect the boundaries of fact and respectful discourse. 

The way to do this is to stand together with those who share those beliefs, and Resource Works is Canada's best example of a citizen-led group that brings people together in this way.

Those who have examined the economic facts of Canada today can come to only one conclusion: that maintaining quality of life and social services at the level we have them today requires the continuation and growth of a soundly managed, diversified natural-resource export sector.

Watch a slideshow telling the story of the 2015 speaking event

If we are also committed to a society that improves over time for all citizens, and does not stand in the way of self-betterment by First Nations through the resource sector, then we need to find better ways to resolve conflict over resource decisions – in other words, we need to see projects get built so well-paying jobs and beneficial royalties can flow.

post-image.jpgResource Works partnered with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and the BC Maritime Employers Association in 2015 to bring Brian Lee-Crowley's messages on this topic to British Columbia audiences. This is one of the most influential things we can do to promote our project. 

Since January 2015, our movement has grown rapidly through our Facebook campaign, partnership programs, economic research, and media appearances. And the pressing nature of resource decisions has only increased.

Stay tuned for registration information on the Jan. 25, 2016 event.

Meantime, "not afraid" means signing up for our newsletters, following us on Facebook and Twitter, and talking about our work with colleagues, associates, friends and family. (No pressure, but our website also makes it easy to make a donation of any size, and for our new movement to succeed we do very much rely on any support of this kind.)

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