Korean conference puts spotlight on city-based resource careers

Urban students are often unaware of just how extensively the natural resource industries create the best job opportunities in British Columbia. Resource Works wants to change that

post-image.JPGAs a major partner at the recent C3 Korean-Canadian Society's 8th annual leadership conference, Resource Works used the opportunity to focus on careers in British Columbia's resource industries. 

The conference is western Canada's largest career and mentorship event for the Korean community and was held at BCIT's downtown campus. It brought together about 130 post-secondary students and young professionals as well as 40 mentors from all backgrounds under one roof.

The one-day program included inspirational talks, career workshops and mentor roundtables. Barinder Rasode, Resource Works director of social responsibility, joined Advisory Council member Yong-Jae Kim to lead two workshops.

At a time when global competition challenges businesses to find markets and create well-paying jobs in Canada, the nation's traditional natural resource industries remain a bastion of prosperity.

Whether it's law, engineering, energy or clean technology, resource-based activities extend through the workforce and are found in all places.

Ensuring that our society-sustaining competitive advantages are realized responsibly, through innovation and sound practice, is essential.

Competing narratives are working hard to convince British Columbians that they could eliminate resource industries from the economy and things would be just fine. What these narratives never point out is the decline in opportunities and quality of life that will occur if British Columbia retreats from the global trading economy.

As the growing body of authoritative Resource Works research shows, we must continue to improve our performance or we will fall behind.

That's why Resource Works is partnering with organizations such as C3 Korean-Canadian Society and seeking further opportunities to build awareness about the preservation and enhancement of responsible resource values.

Follow this link to add your name to the growing list of people who care about these issues. 

If your organization is interested in a partnership or sponsorship, please get in touch: [email protected]


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