Podcast: The American and global view of Canada's energy agenda

On Episode 3 of Resource Works' new podcast, Cause & Affect, co-hosts Stewart Muir and Margareta Dovgal chat with Washington, DC-based energy and security analyst Patricia Schouker about how Canadian energy is perceived internationally.

Joined by Patricia, co-hosts Stewart and Margareta discuss how Canada's energy agenda is understood around the world; the connection between energy security and cybersecurity; and the role of liquified natural gas (LNG) in a transforming Canadian economy. As well, Stewart and Margareta discuss a recent column that calls for a ban on fossil fuel advertising.

Cause & Affect is presented by Resource Works and hosted by Stewart Muir and Margareta Dovgal. The podcast is produced by Dale Richardson at 306 Media Productions.

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Theme song for Cause & Affect is called "Logtown".

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