Getting past polarization

Our homepage at Resource Works says it all:  “We have a problem. British Columbia is polarized”. Well, it’s not just British Columbia. We are seeing polarization over many natural resources in many jurisdictions.


And while our work at Resource Works has been bringing resource people together to share their stories with broader audiences, Steve Simons has been teaching resource people, including Resource Works staff and supporters, how to overcome the polarization.

resource-ed.pngSteve’s training program, ResourcEd, is all about common ground. It’s the only practical values-based training available that is specific to natural resource people.

ResourcEd strips down and rethinks the current polarization, then builds back an approach for meaningful and lasting connection with the natural resource organizations’ public audience. It addresses both, a reframed communications model, as well as deeper systemic structures.

This year he’s made it available as an online learning program in an effort to give more people easy access to the insight and skills needed to end the polarization.

This is a “must do” course for CEO’s, executive leaders, communications people, community relations, or anyone responsible for public relationships or public facing information.

Steve is quickly becoming known as the top thought leader in this area. His practices and his advice have already had significant positive outcomes for resource industries, communities and workers.

This is the professional development resource people need. It puts common sense into common practice.

As a student of this program myself, I’ve learned a great deal from Steve. I recommend ResourcEd as a foundation program for you and your organization.

Click on the link to subscribe for bonus information or make your way to enroll. 

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