Marlyn Chisholm

Marlyn Chisholm, principal of Chisholm Consulting, has 28 years of consulting experience in economic and social evaluation in the transportation, civil engineering, resource and tourism sectors, as well as in economic development, macro-economics, labour market and education.

Chisholm Consulting’s range of services includes social and economic impact assessments, labour market and industry profiles, feasibility assessments, regional economic and tourism development strategies, market studies, benefit-cost analyses and multiple account analyses of projects or policy decisions. We are committed to providing superior client services through effective communication, rigorous analysis, and careful crafting of the final product.

Marlyn also has extensive experience in successfully managing and executing multi-disciplinary projects that integrate diverse skills and concepts, often involving public consultation.





Philip Cross

Philip Cross is the Senior Fellow at the Resource Works Society. Mr. Cross spent 36 years at Statistics Canada specializing in macroeconomics. He was appointed Chief Economic Analyst in 2008 and was responsible for ensuring quality and coherency of all major economic statistics. During his career, he also wrote the "Current Economic Conditions" section of the Canadian Economic Observer, which provides Statistics Canada's view of the economy. He is a frequent commentator on the economy and interpreter of Statistics Canada reports for the media and general public. He is also a member of the CD Howe Business Cycle Dating Committee.


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