Resource Runners storm the Sun Run

Scantily-clad joggers took to the streets of downtown Vancouver Sunday, determined to draw attention to the importance of BC’s resource economy to our day-to-day lives


“Whether it be the rare earth minerals in the processor in your iPhone, its aluminum casing, your petroleum-based clothing, or the synthetic rubber in your shoes, you would simply be naked without natural resources.” said Stewart Muir, executive director of Vancouver-based non-profit, Resource Works.

Adorned with temporary tattoos containing factoids about BC’s resource sector, the athletic runners joined the throngs of runners at the Sun Run, maintaining only a modicum of their modesty.

“Folks who live in the city are often detached from the people and processes that form the foundation of our economy and way of life. We don’t see the mines, mills and farms that make all of our modern conveniences possible. We thought that our ‘Resource Runners’ would be a fun way to remind people of this,” said Muir.


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