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In a series of conversations with workers and business operators, The Province and Resource Works explore the contributions that trade, industry and natural resources make to the British Columbia economy

BC's Ideal Welders talk about how they are handling the massive growth of their business

We talk with Jim Longo of Ideal Welders. He started his business from scratch in the 1960s and now serves markets in B.C. and abroad.

How one local company is globalizing BC innovation

We talk with Tim Epp, a plant manager at Britco, about competing globally in the modular construction industry.

An exciting market to be in

This week we talk with Blair Wilson, project manager for G. Wilson Construction, a Vancouver company founded by his father Gordon that takes an old-school approach to carpentry and home building.

Balancing business and nature

We talk with Alan Chen, sales manager for Long Hoh Enterprises Canada. Long Hoh is a small Qualicum Beach lumber manufacturer serving a unique niche market in Japan.


A multicultural workplace

We talk with Liliana Arias, purchasing manager for venerable Vancouver retailer Fontile Corp., which has successfully expanded from its roots selling tile into a whole range of kitchen, bathroom and flooring products.

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