Why natural resources matter so much to our way of life

We can find middle ground, but it will be easier once we come to terms with what it means to be responsible

post-image.jpgAt a time when we are struggling with the costs of housing, resource jobs produce some of the largest paycheques going.

Here is a chart showing weekly wages by industry. Take a look at where the highest paying jobs are:


Recently, we saw a report calling for a rollback in resource jobs, with new replacement jobs coming in areas including education and health care.

Not only would these new jobs pay less, they would not produce export revenue. Also, they would depend largely on public-sector funding and without revenues that just means more debt.

It is a losing proposition to think that this is a path to prosperity for Canadians.

If we cannot be effective in making the case for resource jobs, somebody better get busy telling Canadians to roll back their expectations.

It was estimated by the Urban Futures Institute that without the resource economy, British Columbians would be 54 per cent poorer. That's why we need to invest in innovation and ensure that there is an open, constructive conversation about how to act responsibly. 

After all, which of the essential things that resources pay for can you live without?

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