Think natural resources aren't the key to responsible prosperity for British Columbians? Think again.

We all depend on forestry, natural gas, mining, pipelines and ports. Without the natural resource economy, we'd be 54 per cent poorer.

A strong majority of residents recognize this and support good decisions. And they know we don't have to sacrifice the environment to have a strong economy.

A recent Ipsos Reid survey found that nearly three-quarters of British Columbians agree that “natural resource development is good for B.C.,” with only 16 per cent disagreeing. Further, seven-in-ten (71 per cent) see no conflict between a strong natural resource sector growing the green economy.

Despite this kind of support, there is a danger that the increasingly acrimonious and divisive debate over the development of major natural resource projects will result in political gridlock, with decision makers afraid to make decisions for fear of offending a vocal minority. 

We have a simple request for those who have made up their minds to ignore the majority view: 

petition-grab.pngWe at Resource Works have been sharing our research to build awareness. But it's not enough. Now we must speak out in unison, or accept that saying NO to resource investment can only diminish our future prospects.  

By working together, we can offer our children a bright future. Check out our information showing why the Think Again message is based on fact to build understanding.

Your voice counts. 

Please join this urgent campaign by adding your name to the petition. The more names we have, the better our chance of success.

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