Thanks to you, we've hit a new milestone

The idea of a research group dedicated to building solid information, broader understanding, and a supportive movement wasn’t novel in 2014 when Resource Works came onto the scene.

post-image.jpgBut there was one very important way in which we stood out. Many groups like ours focused on the risks and negatives (real or claimed) of the various types of resource activity that drive the Canadian economy. Where others sought to create fear and opposition, Resource Works was different: as problem solvers we wanted to build a movement of support for natural resources.

Three years later, we are changing the world. Thank you for your support and interest in the journey so far. Together we are creating broader awareness that through innovation, natural resources can be developed responsibly and successfully on a global scale. It’s a story that resonates deeply with those who take stock of all the facts. 

We’ve been here to explain nuanced issues such as natural gas markets and forestry exports. We’re shining the light of truth on how today’s resource sectors are high tech in nature and how they benefit everyone in British Columbia. 

Through our social media work, we are providing daily reminders of the foundational role of responsible natural resources in our prosperity. 

Our vision has remained firmly fixed on the realities of human needs now and into the future. This week we saw the news that India’s annual domestic consumption will be worth $4 trillion a year by 2025 as that country experiences rising affluence. In China, not only are more people driving cars but 4 out of 10 new passenger vehicles on the road today are SUVs. 

The material requirements to support these unstoppable global trends boggle the mind. That they will be met is beyond question. That they are met responsibly and sustainably is a challenge we must meet. 

 Love or hate such trends, they are ones that will affect the world’s economy and its environment into the future. 

Canada’s leadership role includes producing the minerals, metals, wood and energy for human sustenance; our role as a leading global player in natural resources has allowed us to develop and share innovative approaches to sustainable growth. We must persevere, and success means supporting projects like Resource Works that take a balanced and informed approach to building a better conversation.

Last week, the founders of Resource Works got together and affirmed that we’re going to keep going for another year at least. We look forward to your continuing partnership in this venture. Thank you for being part of the journey so far. 

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