UBCM 2015 Briefing Book

For mayors and councillors from communities across British Columbia, here is a tool providing greater context on important natural resource topics being discussed at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities 2015 convention. 

 Download your copy of the Resource Works UBC 2015 Briefing Book by clicking on this link


What's the book about?

Resource Works has discussed the resource sector with many municipal leaders, and one of the key gaps we have identified is a shortage of information to help British Columbia mayors and councillors better understand the activities of the sector in and around their jurisdictions. We are here to help replace myth with fact and encourage an informed debate.

The Resource Works UBCM 2015 Briefing Book has been developed to help guide elected officials and stakeholders through a number of important issues that relate to BC’s natural resource sector. To that end, we have gathered background information on key resolutions on UBCM’s 2015 policy agenda – information that should be considered as these resolutions are debated.

Resource Works encourages you to use this briefing book as you navigate issues and discuss ideas. For officials that might mean it comes in handy during debate on resolutions, or over coffee with fellow municipal leaders in the conference hallways. For others, it is always good to have a solid range of information when considering challenging questions.

A vote is a choice on behalf of constituents – and we hope this briefing book helps BC's representatives to cast an informed vote.

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