The Resource Works movement is gathering steam - and here's why

Nine British Columbians weigh in on why they are willing to state their support for our non-profit society and its projects in support of responsible natural resources

2014-05-07_12.29.34_copy_4.jpgDan Miller, former BC premier

My participation with Resource Works is my attempt at getting more people to question the fundamental contradictions I see in the positions of some urban municipal and BCTF leaders.

Renata King, director, business development, Northern Development Initiative Trust 

I would recommend that all companies pay attention to what Resource Works is doing and help to share the facts – it's simply valuable information for every Canadian to have.

Puneet Sandhar, barrister & solicitor, Sanghera Sandhar Law Group 

As our economy is and will be inherently heavily resource based, the companies need an engine, such as Resource Works, to connect the dots so that our citizens can realise the importance of the resource sector in their lives.

Andy_Smith_-_commissioner.jpgAndy Smith, president, BC Marine Employers Association

Resource Works is our best hope to align broad social interests with ‎the hard realities of capital attraction and investment.

Jeremy Dunn, executive director, BC Salmon Farmers Association

I would recommend that companies in B.C. support Resource Works because of the perspective the organization is providing and the valuable data it is adding to the conversation.

Tom Tevlin, president & CEO, Greenspirit Strategies Ltd

Resource Works is in constant campaign mode, carrying out its important educational and communications work in a way that is creative, media-savvy and - perhaps most important - utterly research-driven. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Mona M. Forster, executive vice president, Entrée Gold Inc

The team at Resource Works has been successful in creating greater awareness about the resource industry in British Columbia and providing opportunities for the public to learn more so they can make informed judgments and decisions.

Colleen Sweet, general manager, Canadian Procurement Services

This balance of fact-based information dissemination and third-party research results in a shared and trusting understanding between proponents and stakeholders, and ultimately promotes innovation and certainty in natural resource projects.

Colin Griffith, interim executive director, NEBC Resource Municipalities Coalition

Resource Works is doing exemplary work in creating improved awareness of the vital role that natural resources play in ensuring BC’s economic future. 

Sarah Thorne, principal and partner, Decision Partners 

Its initial efforts to engage people in dialogue on B.C.’s natural resource sector by taking “Higher Ground” is a big step forward.

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