Talking about why natural resources matter

When Resource Works went North of 60 to Canada's resource-rich Yukon, locals had plenty to say

A resource analyst from B.C. has a strong message for the Yukon Chamber of Mines: start educating people on the benefits of mining, according to a CBC News report from Whitehorse. CBC reported that Stewart Muir, executive director of Resource Works, "promotes public dialogue as key to the future of resource development and believes mining development can be environmentally responsible."

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Articles published about Stewart's trip to Whitehorse on May 5 and 6 to mark Mining Week:

It's time to stand up

Spreading word about the economic value of a responsible British Columbia natural resource economy is the Resource Works mantra. 

On May 8, Stewart visits Smithers to for nine meetings in an action-packed day hosted by Smithers Exploration Group to mark Mining Week. A highlight of the day will be meeting students at Northwest Community College.

The wide interest sparked by Stewart's Whitehorse visit is a signal that the tide of public opinion is shifting away from the extremes and back toward a broad middle ground.

Why aren't resource people fighting for their livelihood?

As one Vancouver-based anti-resource activist asked recently, ""Why don't resource-oriented people get more involved in fighting for their livelihood like the 'naysayers' do?” Great question. If you don't have a satisfactory answer to that, why not consider signing up here at the Resource Works site to receive our weekly newsletter. Or using the buttons below to show your social media networks that you are standing together with thousands of others in a growing movement for responsible resource use.

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