Without natural resources, we'd be naked

Our Natural Runners at Vancouver's 2015 Sun Run caused heads to turn for a second consecutive year. And no wonder

It's a simple message: Without natural resources, we'd be naked.

Yet in cities like Vancouver, it can be easy for residents to forget the origin of all the everyday things they take for granted. If it wasn't for natural resources, we really would be naked. The fact is that if we lose the benefits of natural resources, as Canadians we will have to lower our expectations and accept lower quality services and higher taxes. 

Resource Works decided to make a statement with the Natural Runners program, and it has been the viral hit of our youthful social movement. Here are a few of our favourite images from 2015. Watch out for a full program over the summer. And don't forget to "like" and share our content if you believe that your quality of life is worth fighting for.


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