5th anniversary draws a committed crowd

110 friends and supporters of Resource Works gathered on March 14, 2019 at Vancouver’s Terminal City Club to help us celebrate our first five years of service. 

It was a time for recognition, networking, and growing our knowledge about how to build responsible prosperity at a time when natural resources are more important than ever. Photos by Richard Lam for Resource Works.

1._RW-Lyn-Anglin-Award.jpgDr. 'Lyn Anglin, founding Advisory Council Chair of Resource Works, was honoured at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver for her early efforts on behalf of the non-profit advocacy group. The Resource Works Society was launched in April 2014 to communicate with British Columbians about the importance of the province's resource sectors to their personal well-being. Left to right: Resource Works executive director Stewart Muir, Dr. Anglin, Resource Works Board Chair John Turner. 

2._RW-Lyn-Accept.jpg'Lyn Anglin

3._RW-Doug-Horswill-Award.jpgResource Works executive director Stewart Muir, founding Chair of the Board of Directors Doug Horswill, current Resource Works Board Chair John Turner. 

4._RW-Doug-accept.jpgDoug Horswill

5._Vivian_Krause.jpgResearcher Vivian Krause delivers keynote speech. 

6._Muir-Krause.jpgStewart Muir, Resource Works executive director, with keynote speaker Vivian Krause.  

7.Edie-Barinder.jpgResource Works event guests Edie Thome, CEO and President of the Association for Mineral Exploration of BC, and Barinder Rasode. 

9._PatricianMohr.jpgEconomist Patricia Mohr, right, with guests Alysia MacGrotty and Lexa Hobenshield at Resource Works anniversary event. 

10._Joe-Vivian.jpgMaritime expert Joe Spears with keynote speaker Vivian Krause. 

12._ChiefMikeLeBourdais.jpgVivian Krause with Chief Mike LeBourdais of the Whispering Pines First Nation. 

13._Muir-GordonGibson.jpgStewart Muir with author and politician Gordon Gibson. 

14._LauraJones-BrentMurphy.jpgLaura Jones of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business with Brent Murphy of Seabridge.  

15._Mike-TheresaTaitDay.jpgChief Mike LeBourdais with hereditary chief Wi’hali'yte (Theresa Tait Day). 

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