Our movement for responsible resources is making huge strides. Here's what community, business, and Indigenous leaders are saying.

Our movement for responsible resources is making huge strides. Here's what community, business, and Indigenous leaders are saying.

“Resource Works does important work counteracting misinformation and misunderstandings about the resource industry, especially for those who are not familiar with the environmental stewardship in the industry. This is something that both me and our local Chamber of Commerce have been advocating for years.   Resource Works is able to address misinformation quickly and effectively and is a very valuable support for resource-based communities.”

- Mayor Walt Cobb, City of Williams Lake.

"We have partnered with Resource Works since their inception, supporting their efforts to bring diverse parties together to explore ways and means to stimulate the economy. Their professional efforts have been foundational to the establishment of mutually-beneficial relationships between government, industry and Indigenous Peoples."

- Dan George, President/CEO, Four Directions Management Services Ltd.

“I remember the day when the concept of Resources Works was presented to me; I immediately saw value in providing factual information on our resource industries. Since then, Resources Works has not only lived up to that expectation but has exceeded it in so many ways.”

- Mayor Lori Ackerman, City of Fort St John - BC’s Energy Capital.

“Resource works provides well-researched information and articles that I am able to share with confidence. Stewart Muir and his team are knowledgeable and always helpful when I am seeking clarity on a resource topic. As a Mayor of a rural community, I have never felt our issues are too small or not valued. In fact, Resource Works often reaches out to see what the effects of policy change may have to our region.”

- Mayor Gaby Wickstrom, Town of Port McNeill.

"Resource Works provides valuable advocacy support for Canada’s resource industries. The Society highlights the important role that the resource industries play in keeping Canada’s economy strong.”

- Patricia Mohr, Economist & Commodity Market Specialist.

“The Resource Works Society is proactive, progressive, and professional. Their coverage of the oil and gas industry is current and responsive to the latest happenings. Their coverage is diplomatic and respectful, and their conferences and webinars include relevant speakers to Indigenous issues.” 

- Karen Ogen-Toews, BSW, MSW (MBA Cand.) CEO, First Nations LNG Alliance.

“As a supporter of responsible resources and an advocate of the Northwest, I joined the Resource Works Society Advisory Board because of their collaborative, informed, and transparent approach to natural resource advocacy.”

- Lisa Mueller, Founder & Creator of Nation2Nation Events.

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