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The Higher Ground producing team faced a few challenges when it came to the "Moral Case" video series. As content creators, we believe that our primary role is to unpack the difficult issues around the resource debate. More often than not, that means addressing contentious topics such as fossil fuels, climate change, fracking, etc … The question is how do we do that, while still maintaining an overall position that is pro-responsible resource development - it is critical for the show to provide informative insight into economic as well as environmental arguments to strike a balance. Otherwise, the entire discussion would be hollow. 
We settled on the "Moral Case" as a great entry point towards that goal. No doubt, the inspiration came from the title of Alex Epstein’s book “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels”.  We were intrigued by the title and arguments presented in the book. We knew that it was provocative, and many of Epstein’s positions deserve greater exposure. So the first video we produced in the "Moral Case" series was that for "Fossil Fuels".  
Following up the first video with the "Moral Case for Renewables" was a no-brainer. We have been looking for a good issue to begin our engagement with the environmental activists who represent a critical voice in the resource dialogue, and Ben West from Tanker Free BC was gracious to jump in. We found his comments to be highly informative, well-balanced and surprising in some cases. 
We highly encourage you to watch both videos and comment below. Did we provide a good balance? Or is balance indeed an important goal here? Did Epstein change your mind at all, or are his ideas "way out there"? What do you think about West’s arguments? Were you surprised by his acknowledgement of the positive impacts of fossil fuels? Did he defend the position on renewable energy successfully? - Do they need defending at all?
Tell us what you think and join the conversation!
- Higher Ground  Production Team


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