Count the ways we count on responsible resource management

BC Day comes just once a year, but every day the province's natural resource economy provides an enviably high standard of living. Check out this infographic and learn how to show your support for reasonable, respectful discourse

One of the challenges of having a resource-based economy as British Columbia does is that if you aren't always getting better, you are doing worse than standing still: you are falling behind.

Whether it's formulating climate-change policies or implementing rules governing mine waste, there is no time to rest. Progress must be constant, and it must be visible.

At Resource Works, we are doing our part by researching, sharing and partnering to create the nation's most authentic conversation on responsible resource use. Please take a moment to add your name here to show your support for our growing movement. 

Meantime, we hope you'll enjoy and share this infographic about the powerful impact resources have on lives across BC.


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