Bridging opinion gaps on natural resources in British Columbia

Dr Lyn Anglin appears on Radio NL to talk with Jim Harrison about the Resource Works Society: 'The feeling in the Interior has long been that those who live in the Lower Mainland just don't understand the value of BC's resource sector'




Dr Lyn Anglin

Chair of Advisory Board of Resource Works

Lyn Anglin was the former president and CEO of Geoscience BC and is currently a board member of Science World, the director at the Mineral Deposits Research Centre at UBC and numerous other mining and academic associations in British Columbia. With her academic experience from Carleton University where she earned her PhD in geological sciences, Dr Anglin has built decades of professional experience in the  mineral sector.

During her tenure at Geoscience BC, she successfully grew the organization and produced a wealth of data sets which led to new knowledge and the discovery of new resource pockets. Working with industry, the government, First Nations and communities, Dr Anglin also led the development of collaborative research programs.

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