Former BC Environment Minister Barry Penner to lead new Resource Works campaign

BC's Energy Futures: Former BC Environment Minister to lead Resource Works campaign on energy options.

VANCOUVER, BC — Today, not-for-profit advocacy organization Resource Works announced that former Environment Minister and Attorney General Barry Penner will serve as chair of a new, high-profile campaign focused on energy policy in BC, the Energy Futures Initiative.

"Barry Penner's experience in both the government and private sector make him uniquely well-qualified to speak to British Columbians on energy policy,” said Resource Works Founder and CEO Stewart Muir. “Barry’s leadership will bring an important and fresh perspective to the conversation on BC’s long-term energy policy.”

Penner, who introduced British Columbia’s first-ever climate action strategy 15 years ago, outlined the important role that the Energy Futures Initiative would take on in the months ahead.

“Our province is home to an ever-increasing demand for energy and a strong desire to reduce emissions,” said Penner. “Energy choices today will have a major impact on British Columbians for generations. As we look to a future of increasing electrification and a growing population, it’s crucial to consider what steps need to be taken, including making sure our energy system is reliable, affordable and sustainable for years to come.”

Amid ongoing questions surrounding British Columbia’s ability to meet ambitious government targets, the Energy Futures Initiative will provide accurate and relevant information surrounding the state of energy in BC.

“Energy Futures will focus on presenting clear, factual information about the impacts that different policy options will have on our province,” continued Penner. “British Columbians deserve to be informed about how today’s energy choices will impact affordability, system reliability and climate goals. Let’s have an open discussion.“

The campaign will produce informational content exploring topics related to the state of energy in British Columbia, showcasing the important role that energy plays in the economy and highlighting both the opportunities and challenges that can emerge from different types of government policy.

“Energy plays a vital role in our province, and Resource Works is proud to stand behind this incredibly exciting initiative,” said Resource Works Managing Director Margareta Dovgal.

“Robust planning, strong policy incentives and meaningful engagement with British Columbians will enable our energy future to securely, sustainably and affordably meet our needs for years to come," she added.

Penner says the Energy Futures Initiative would also be making policy recommendations to senior levels of government, starting with the provincial government’s throne speech in February 2024.

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Barry Penner

Barry Penner served as BC’s Minister of Environment, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Attorney General during his four terms as a MLA. Penner represented Chilliwack in the BC Legislature from 1996 to 2012. During this time, he also served as both President and Vice President for the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) and chaired a number of Legislative Committees. As Minister of Environment, Penner introduced BC’s first climate action plan which included North America’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Energy Futures Initiative

The Energy Futures Initiative is a Resource Works-led project that will bring a fresh perspective to discussions surrounding the future of energy in British Columbia.

Energy Futures will explore some of the greatest challenges facing British Columbia’s energy security, affordability and independence, answering the big questions on how we meet BC’s growing energy demand while protecting our environment, not just today but for the coming decades and century ahead.

Resource Works

Resource Works is a public-interest advocacy and communications not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their mission is to reignite the promise of Canada's economic future by leading respectful, inclusive and fact-based dialogue on natural resource development.

Resource Works helps show how resources have "worked" for citizens in the past and how they can continue to do so in a new era defined by environmental responsibility and reconciliation. We communicate the importance of resource sectors to personal well-being and opportunity, demonstrating how responsible development creates jobs and incomes, both directly and indirectly, while maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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