Resource Works adds its voice to Generation Energy

 Winnipeg conference aims to shape Canada’s long-term energy future.

post-image.jpgOur Stewart Muir was on hand in Halifax two years ago when energy and mining ministers began working on plans to build a better national conversation on the public issues surrounding energy development and use. And now Resource Works will be in attendance in Winnipeg on Oct. 11-12 to see the fruit of this work: Generation Energy, a summit on the future of energy hosted by Natural Resources Canada. 

The work to be done in Winnipeg consists of considering ideas and opinions shared by Canadians through the consultation process, and begin the process of shaping Canada’s long-term energy future. The aim is to identify values, goals and pathways to arrive at the energy future.

If the experience of Resource Works is any guide, what most people are looking for is balance – a way to reconcile the needs of the environment with the needs of people. By embracing the ideas of responsible resource development (which we've been talking about over the past four years), it is not necessary to choose the economy over the environment. 

Also present in Winnipeg will be international, provincial and territorial energy ministers, global experts, Indigenous leaders, business and civil society leaders, as well as interested Canadians.

Poll after poll confirms that Canadians want to build resource infrastructure and protect the environment. Evidence-based grassroots voices like Resource Works have a big role to play in protecting public interests and showing citizen-focused political leaders that we have their back. 

How can you make a difference?

Here's one small thing anyone can do in social media. Look for the hashtag #generationenergy in Twitter on Oct. 11 and 12 and join the conversation.


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