The reality of the forestry industry in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island, with Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog

In the fifth episode of the ForestWorks podcast, host Stewart Muir and guest Mayor Leonard Krog discuss the role of forestry in local communities.

Mayor Leonard Krog, city of Naniamo.

ForestWorks delves below the rhetoric to get to the real facts of this important industry through conversation with people who really know their stuff.

In this episode, host Stewart Muir speaks with Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog about forestry’s role in his community, and the controversy surrounding this industry on Vancouver Island. 

Mayor Krog has been steeped in these issues for decades, both as a provincial MLA and now mayor of what really is a forestry community. Even if that’s perhaps not widely recognized by all – we’ll get into that. 

Mayor Krog was first elected as an NDP MLA representing his community in 1991, 30 years ago. He served in several roles in the Legislature, including NDP caucus chair when the NDP formed government in 2017. He stepped back from provincial politics when Nanaimo city hall hit something of a crisis and needed him. He ran for mayor, and was elected to that role in 2018. That step over to municipal politics showed real commitment to his community, and standing where he’s most needed. Since then he’s provided a steady hand on the wheel for that community, which is BC’s 4th largest urban centre after greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, Victoria, and Kelowna.

Join us every Friday morning for a new episode of ForestWorks. Or tune in to Radio NL 610AM Kamloops, Saturdays at 7 AM Pacific as we focus on the people, places, and stories of this important and often complicated industry that drives the BC economy.

Listen here:

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