Meena Mann: Small town values, big city career

Emcee of the 1sth annual Race for Resources is steeped in British Columbia's rural heritage and the continuing reliance on responsible natural resources. 

Meena Mann is a proud Canadian born and raised in Terrace, BC.

post-image.jpgAt a young age she was exposed to the natural resource sector, and its benefits, because of the one sawmill that kept the whole town of Terrace thriving.

Keeping her small town values alive with her big personality, Meena went on to pursue a career in media. With a communications degree from Simon Fraser University, Meena went through a whirlwind of opportunities that offered her invaluable experiences and lessons that have shaped, formed and set the foundation of her career.

Meena is always grateful to have worked in media capacities with such organizations as the BC justice system, the City of Vancouver, Rogers, Postmedia, KVOS, and the Vancouver Olympic Committee. 

In 2014 Meena came full circle with the natural resource sector as host of an online video series hosted by The Province called Higher Ground. Collaborating with Resource Works founder Stewart Muir, Meena covered a wide range of topics from environmental safety to some of the most rewarding careers around. 

With such fulfilling projects, Meena continues her adventures in media while volunteering her time to Variety BC, Junior Achievement and various kitchens in the downtown Eastside.

In her spare time Meena enjoys a good round of golf and catching up on the Game Of Thrones TV series.

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