5 reasons why Natural Gas Week matters

From Oct. 7 to 13, Resource Works will be observing British Columbia Natural Gas Week with a program of public service information.

Producing and marketing gas in global markets is the single most influential thing British Columbians can do to reduce the impacts of climate change, so it's fitting that this declaration comes the week after LNG Canada announced a $40 billion export project that will allow other nations to share in the lower-emissions benefits of natural gas. 

According to the Government of British Columbia's declaration:

  1. ECONOMY: A provincial Natural Gas Week reminds us of the valuable and essential contribution the natural gas and oil industry and its related activities make to the economy and people of British Columbia
  2. DAILY LIFE: Natural gas and oil activity in the province provides employment to thousands of British Columbians, royalties to the Crown, and its products benefit our daily lives
  3. ENVIRONMENT: It is beneficial to promote public awareness of the importance of natural gas and oil, and the role technology plays in keeping the industry competitive while maintaining a solid commitment to environmentally responsible development
  4. FUTURE: It is important to increase our knowledge about the natural gas and oil industry as development increases creating job options for youth and economic prospects for future generations
  5. COLLABORATION: It is vital to promote collaboration between industry, First Nations, tourism and communities to promote sustainable growth of the natural gas and oil industry, creating prosperity in the Province of British Columbia


The Resource Works Society is an independent non-profit group that shares information and understanding about the benefits of responsibly produced natural resources.

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