Western Premiers' stance on LNG and trade receives praise from Resource Works

A unified interprovincial voice offers a pathway to economic resilience for all Western Canadians, said Resource Works CEO Stewart Muir.

The Premiers of Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Photo from the BC Government.

Vancouver, British Columbia – Wednesday, June 28, 2023 – The Resource Works Society applauds the Western Premiers' statement from Whistler, Canada, which emphasized their commitment to the Canadian economy, liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, and the road to future prosperity. 

"Their unified voice on significant issues such as climate action, energy security and strategic infrastructure offers a pathway to economic resilience for all Western Canadians,” said Resource Works Society CEO Stewart Muir.

“In particular, their focus on LNG and related trade issues such as Article 6 recognizes the important role this resource plays in our shared economy.”

He added: “No doubt the premiers are aware of the many polls showing that Canadians strongly support getting Canadian natural gas, in the form of LNG, to parts of the world where it is desperately needed to allow for climate action.”

The Premiers of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories made their statement after attending a daylong conference Tuesday in the mountain resort of Whistler near Vancouver.

Muir said Canadians will welcome the leaders’ decision to highlight the importance of exporting low or zero-emitting Canadian LNG to reduce global emissions, calling it a critical step in the right direction. 

“Their call for support in emission credit trading across international borders and the finalization of rules under Article 6 further highlights their commitment to sustainable and responsible energy production,” he said.

Resource Works acknowledges the premiers’ recognition of the importance of strategic infrastructure, energy security and sustainable development, among other priorities, to drive economic renewal and prosperity across Western Canada.

"These discussions are pivotal in diversifying and strengthening our economy, especially in the face of evolving climate conditions and economic realities,” said Muir. “As they have underscored, we must harness the power of our resources and use them to generate economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social progress through successful Indigenous reconciliation.

“In two weeks, when Vancouver welcomes the world of LNG to this city at the LNG2023 conference, leadership like shown in Whistler this week will send an important signal to the world that the western provinces of Canada are open for business, and are willing to listen when foreign nations come to us with energy concerns that we have the capacity to address.”

The Resource Works Society looks forward to continued dialogue with the Western Premiers and other stakeholders, fostering a path towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

About the Resource Works Society:

The Resource Works Society is in its second decade as a non-profit research organization committed to fostering informed dialogue about natural resources in Canada. Through research, education and advocacy, the society strives to provide fact-based insights on the economic and social benefits that responsible resource management can bring to communities across the country.

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