Resource Works at CBC Radio

Our Stewart Muir appeared on CBC Radio's BC Almanac show to talk about the green economy. He discussed plans by Canada's premiers to arrive at a national carbon strategy, with leadership from prime minister Justin Trudeau. 

He also discussed the disturbing reliance Canada has on foreign oil imports from repressive regimes including Saudi Arabia. This practice resulted in the loss of $100 billion over just four years, when Canada has its own sources of responsible oil it could be supplying to our cities. By exporting our wealth this way to countries that forbid women from participating in society, we are encouraging the continuation of those practices.

With the real prospect now of a President Trump in the USA, we could also be looking at a situation where our neighbours have abolished the Environmental Protection Agency at the same time as exporting their oil to Canada. What an irony it would be if it comes to pass that our American-funded eco-lobbyists (they get millions every year from south of the border) succeed in shutting down the Canadian oil industry to the advantage of Americans and other exporters.

You can listen to the podcast here

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